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Trump Says : US is ‘locked and loaded’ if chemical weapons used again

Footage Source : The Guardian

The UK is “confident” that air strikes carried out by Britain, the US and France on suspected chemical weapons facilities in Syria have been successful, the PM has said.

Theresa May also said it had been “right and legal” to take action.

Military bases near the capital Damascus and the city of Homs were targeted, after an alleged chemical attack on the Syrian town of Douma.

Jeremy Corbyn called it “legally questionable” in a letter to Mrs May.

Downing Street published a summary of the legal advice it received on the strikes, stating that the UK was “permitted under international law” to take measures to “alleviate overwhelming humanitarian suffering”.

Syrian state media said the strikes had been “a flagrant violation of international law”.

The UN Security Council will meet on Saturday at Russia’s request.

Speaking in Downing Street, Mrs May said the “limited and targeted strikes” had degraded Syria’s ability to use chemical weapons.

“This collective action sends a clear message that the international community will not stand by and tolerate the use of chemical weapons,” she said.

Drawing a link with the recent nerve agent attack in Salisbury, Mrs May added: “We cannot allow the use of chemical weapons to become normalised – either within Syria, on the streets of the UK or elsewhere.”

Mrs May will make a statement in Parliament on Monday and give MPs a chance to ask questions.

Mr Corbyn said MPs should have been consulted before the strike and earlier called on the PM to “publish in full the legal justification and basis for” the action.

The Labour leader added that weapons inspectors were on their way to verify the use of chemical weapons by the Assad regime.

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