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Here is what you need to know :

It’s a good news that AUDIOCUBICLE.COM is giving every entertainer ,private business owners , comedians  , Small Scale Business Owners and many more , the chance to Make your business or name to remain present and known to the world for as long as it stays online.

How will that be? is creating a profile space for everyone who takes his job or businesses very serious.

The profile space is called PROFIPAEDIA. Profipaedia Is an online database ,Catalogue and business DIRECTORY that keeps you ,your business or brand relevant online for as long as you want.

How Can I Get into Profipaedia?

All you need to Do is to write down detailed profile about you , your business or brand you represent , your social media accounts and business links, reachable contacts and photograph of either you ,your business brand or products, and we will create a profile page for you online . Will also push an Ad for you (Which is Optional).

How much will it cost me to be on Profipaedia?

Currently we are giving away first 500 profiles for as low  as 2000 naira only. And your Business presence is up and running just like .

How Can I pay to get my business uploaded?

The sum of 2000 NAIRA will be paid into the Zenith Bank ACC Number To be provided by our help desk, with your brand name (that is the business or name you want known or the name your partners or associates can reach you with) , prepare your profile and send an email to , Call our Help desk  +2348111311954 for confirmation of payment and email reception .


CALL US 08111311954

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