Leaked Sex Tape Sabotages Cardi B’s New Single

The 25-year-old rapper is being named by social media as the unidentified woman who dances on her lonesome completely starkers in what has been reported by many gossip blogs to be a ‘preview sex tape.’ The 15-second clip shows a woman with a distinctively large tattoo, similar to one that Cardi has on her upper thigh, bend over as she gyrates for the camera.


Cardi who is an avid wig wearer – we fangirled over her epic wig-wearing abilities when fiance Offset proposed to her two months ago – was recently seen wearing a red wig similar to the one worn by the woman in the explicit clip. It is not known when the video was filmed, or who captured and leaked it.

Fans on Twitter have been left displeased with the timing of the leak and the speed at which it spread due to the fact she released her highly-anticipated new single the same day. A skeptical fan tweeted: ‘So the somebody released a Cardi B sextape the same day she released her single? Looks like “someone” is paying the blogs.’

Others defended the Motorsport rapper saying that the video could be from when Cardi B was a stripper. ‘Yes cardi b used to be a stripper who has naked videos from her past stop bringing It up when she doing good always hating going on it’s really sad,’  wrote one Twitter user. ‘Why are people leaking such nude videos of Cardi B? She used to be a stripper; her naked body is not a secret or a scandal. All of you won’t let anyone successful keep their past in the past,’ another fan posted on Twitter. Before rising to fame via Love & Hip Hop New York and Bodak Yellow, Cardi B pursued a career as an exotic dancer at the age of 18, to escape domestic abuse.

As the leaked clip spread she took to her Instagram to celebrate tracks Bartier Cardi, No Limit, Motorsport and Bodak Yellow.  ‘I’m going to let you guys in on my music journey cause all this shit is new to me,’ she said.




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