How Kristal’s Hit Single ‘BLOW’ Was Made


According to “Blow” was done by Owerri based rave of the moment, Kristal and it dropped sometime in the last quarter of 2017.

When I first heard the song, a lot of questions  went through my mind. Who is this Kristal? How did he make such a fantastic trap music here in the east? What inspired him? Who is his sponsor and producer? Is he signed under a record label? If you are as confused as I was then here are the answers you’re looking for. I dug deeper and I found out some facts about Kristal and his Boss and producer YungRoc.



Kristal is signed under Morhymes City Records  and Morhymes City Records is owned by YungRoc. This record label is based in Owerri. “Blow” is a trap music that tells the story about Kristal’s life. His wishes, his struggles and a little bit of humor in between.

Kristal and YungRoc have been into music for a while, they’ve obviously seen how the music business is done in Nigeria and that’s what likely inspired them to come up with something different.

“Morhymes City Records is not just a record label, it’s an entertainment company. We’ve trained so many creatives including comedians. So we’re not limiting ourselves to just music”, YungRoc tells me.

“Kristal is a talented artiste and is signed under Morhymes City Records”. “He’s one of three artistes I want to push out this 2018 and as we speak he’s recorded very fantastic songs that’ll blow people’s minds”, Roc continues.

Many hit songs are made out of chance. A good example is 2baba’s “Gaga Shuffle”. He set out to make a different song but getting to the studio, his producer was working on the instrumental that later became “Gaga Shuffle”, but “Blow” was more like a planned project. Kristal and YungRoc sat down and worked out the possibilities of what later became “Blow”.

“Everyone is doing Afro pop so I just wanted to do something different, that was why I decided to make it a trap song”, Kristal says.

“Blow is a song for everybody. It’s like a story about me, my life, my struggles. It’s something people can relate with when they hear it, no matter where they are in life. So I wanted to do something that people can relate with, that was how Blow came about”, Kristal relates.

“Blow” is not just a song that came out from nowhere. It is a properly planned project. From the beats to the lyrics to the delivery, everything about it is just perfect. The song is currently making waves since its release in southeast Nigeria and if given the right publicity will go on to dominate the Nigerian music scene.

If you’re wondering how they were able to connect and come up with something as awesome as the single “Blow” then you don’t have to look too far. It’s right there in the song. His versatility and ability to sing and rap makes him a fantastic artiste to work with.

Listen and download “Blow” below.


Written By Tim Uwakwe